Monday, July 23, 2007

Random Pictures from my Garden this Weekend 7/23/07

The coneflowers are looking pretty!

Lots of tomatoes!

And one is starting to ripen!

A beautiful Daylilly

This native was seen in the garden most of the weekend (note to self - must hide face paints better)

This was the native's play area - must be related to a gardener!

Even though the Bell Peppers are small, they are producing peppers!

The cabbage continues to look wonderful!

And I have started picking cucumbers!

I sure hope it rains today so I don't have to water - I haven't finished reading Harry Potter yet!

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Dirty Fingernails said...

My oldest son 12 read that book in about 8 hours, my hubby a little longer.. I have yet to even read the first or see any of the movies.. I know strange.. I love the native in the garden.. I have a few of those in mine as well..