Saturday, May 22, 2010

What a great spring!

I am really loving this spring. I finished planting most of my garden last week - phenomenal to have it done so early. I do have a couple of tomatoes and some herbs that are still on the patio waiting to be planted - but otherwise it is done - and thriving!

Take a look at the peas! Aren't they gorgeous? Mmmmm I can already taste them and they haven't even flowered yet - but I know that isn't long now.

And look what is popping up less than a week after planting - green beans! Those helicopters from the neighbor's maple tree are also plentiful this year!

I have already eaten lettuce, radishes, rhubarb and even a couple of strawberries from the garden - and it isn't even Memorial Day yet! Here's to hoping the rest of the growing season is just as great!

My Mothers' Day Present

I got just what I wanted this year for Mothers' Day. I ordered it myself and then when Dan asked me what I wanted the day before I told him it was already taken care of!

I have been intrigued for some time by those topsy turvy tomato planters - but not intrigued enough to buy one. They just looked so cheap - I was afraid that I would damage the plant getting it through the hole - and I heard that they needed watering constantly. That's why when I saw the Gardener's Revolution Planter from Gardener's Supply Company I just had to have it.

There is nothing cheap looking about these. I must admit it took me awhile to figure out how to put together the first one - I don't do so good looking at pictures - but once it was together the rest went real fast. These have heavy duty wire cages and thick fabric bags that open up - the bags zip shut and then you close the metal cages and clip them. Very sturdy. And they have a reservoir so you aren't watering them constantly - and they send lots of extra wicks!

I also ordered the 4-Arm Plant Hanger to hang the tomatoes. It is very tall and sturdy. No instructions came with it so I struggled a little with assembling it also - but luckily my child was helping me and he figured it out right away!

I planted 4 different types of tomatoes - I thought it might be interesting to see which ones do better. I planted Golden Rave, Roma, Amish Paste and Eva Purple Ball Heirloom.

I'm hoping this will be a better solution for me than staking or caging my tomatoes. I always struggle with keeping them off the ground. Of course I planted many more tomatoes that I am staking and or caging. I just used my last jar of home canned tomatoes from last year last week so I am anxious for fresh ones.