Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Planting in the Garden in March?

Hard to believe it is still March. It is 72 degrees right now.

I got out in the garden this afternoon and planted sugar snap peas, lettuce and radishes.

It just felt so good to be out there actually digging in the soil. Gardening is the best cure for anything that ails you. I love it.

All of my cabbage family plants inside are doing well 10 days after planting.

And look - a tomato plant is pushing its way up - this is Golden Rave. I'm sure the other tomato varieties will be up soon also.
The peppers aren't showing any signs of germinating yet - but they are always the last to come up.
And here they all are - in my egg carton planters - they will be tall before you know it!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to start gardening again!

I finally got around to starting my plants under lights yesterday. This is the latest that I have ever started them. They will do fine and catch up - it's not that late yet. Actually I think that some years I have been chomping at the bit to get gardening and have started my plants too early. Some of my plants have gotten too leggy before the weather outside was warm enough to transplant them so I think we will be fine this year.

Speaking of the weather, Spring has decided to come very early to Minnesota this year. It is so hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago we had tons of snow and now it is all gone and everything is coming to life! I also know though that it is way early and winter could still decide to return. It is still nice to have the warmer weather.

I used old egg cartons to start my seeds in this year. I use Eggland's Best eggs and my recylcing company doesn't take the styrofoam cartons so I decided to get one more use out of them before they become trash. I don't know why I didn't think to use them before - they are just the right size. I cut holes in the bottom for drainage and then I cut them into sections of how ever many I wanted - some (like tomatoes and peppers that I plant a lot of) I kept as a dozen - others are cut into sections of 4 or 6 - very versitale. I wrote on the side with a sharpie what I had planted inside.

Here's to a fantastic gardening season for all gardener's everywhere!