Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dreaming of Spring

Winter is taking it's time coming to Minnesota this year. It continues to be warm - above freezing most of the time. We had Andy's birthday party at the local nature center 2 weeks ago today and we did not have to worry about kids freezing! The local paper says that 2006 will go down as the third warmest year since 1891. I believe it.

But I am still looking through the seed catalogs and dreaming of spring and what I will plant. After all, March will be here before we know it. I do a lot of planning in my head - and don't really write it down.

I have decided to move the black raspberries in the spring. They are summer berries and the yellows and reds are fall berries and they really need different care - and the new long shoots from the blacks get all tangled up in the yellows and reds. I should never have planted them together.

But I cannot decide where I want to transplant them to. Maybe behind the fence where the sunflowers were this year - but I think Andy will want to do a sunflower fort again - so maybe not. Maybe along the same side of the house where they currently are - just move them down where I always put the tomatoes - that is what I will probably do - but then, where do I put the tomatoes? I wish I had more garden space - but I do squeeze a lot in on my small suburban lot.

I don't have to come up with any answers right now - it is just fun to dream and plan for next year. Soon I will need to start making a list of what seeds to order and get the grow lights out - but for now I will just idly page through the seed catalouges.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

So what do I do with the 128 jars of jelly I made?

Here's some pictures of what I do - I give most of it away as holiday gifts.