Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring caught me by surprise this year!

It is still March, normally in Minnesota that means spring is still a ways off, but not this year.

I usually start my seedlings indoors the weekend before St. Patrick's Day and then they are the perfect size for my garden when spring does arrive - not this year.

By the time St. Patrick's Day came this year, spring had already sprung and I wasn't ready. So I'm not starting any seedlings this year for the first time in years. Luckily my local food co-op, Mississippi Market Natural Foods, always has a spring plant sale where I know I can get the same kind of plants I would have started myself.

Normally when we have a stretch of warm weather like this I wouldn't call it spring yet - we get plenty of snow here in Minnesota at this time of year - however, in addition to the warm weather, the signs are all there - trees are leafing out, grass is growing (one neighbor actually mowed her lawn today), the tulips and daffodils are in bloom. The Canadian geese are flying through and the robins have returned. Spring has sprung.

Please someone leave a comment and let me know that I'm not the only one who didn't start plants this year.

Happy Spring!