Monday, March 16, 2015

Excited to start gardening again!

Just like every spring, I was super excited to get my seeds in the mail.  This year I ordered my seeds from Pine Tree Seeds.  I haven't used them before but they had really good reviews and I like that they guarantee their seeds to be GMO free.  The memory of the fluorescent bright colored cucumber seeds I received a couple of years ago is still fresh.  I think starting with good seeds is important and for me and my family that means non GMO.    

And here is proof that I planted the seeds this weekend - well the ones that are good to start inside.  It is always to exciting to get started every year.  My teenage son is obsessed with venus fly traps and received a kit to grow his own last December.  He decided it may not be the right time to start them  in the middle of winter so he started his fly trap seeds and put them under the lights.  I hope they grow - he will be so disappointed if they don't. 

Looking forward to a great growing season for all of us.