Sunday, July 15, 2007

Looking for Dinosaur Bones

My garden is the place that I reflect and get insight into things that may be bothering me. I find solutions seem to come more freely when my mind and body are engaged in gardening. But sometimes wisdom in the garden comes via my child.

Tonight I was thinning the green apples off the apple tree (I know that should have been done awhile ago, but better late than not at all) while Andy was happily digging near by. I asked him what he was digging for expecting to hear worms (his favorite digging activity) or to China (his second) and instead he told me he was digging for dinosaur bones. Now, normally I indulge his fantasies so I don't know what came over me when I said to him "well, good luck with that". He comes over to me and looks me right in the face like he does when he wants to make sure he has my attention and tells me "Mom, you just never know - I might find one. You know you won't find any dinosaur bones if you don't go looking for them".

How did this 7 year old get so wise? He is absolutely correct. So make sure you look for your dinosaur bones today and every day - and you just might find one!

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