Thursday, July 05, 2007

In My Garden Thursday, July 5, 2007

The cucumbers are vining nicely and starting to flower.

A new lilly is blooming. I don't remember what kind of a lilly it is - I planted it years ago when I first bought this house and I have memory any more.

The biggest baby watermelon is growing nicely. Andy talks to it every day to make it grow. I have to get a picture of him talking to it one day.

The pole beans are growing up the strings and starting to flower. I can't wait for that first taste of fresh green beans.

The Opkala tomatoes are doing nicely. All of them survived the hail. Of the other two varieties I planted only one plant each survived and were replaced with grape tomatoes from the nursery (grape tomatoes was all the nursery had left that late in the season).


Connie said...

Your beans are looking great. My french fillet beans are coming on now, and are so tasty. That is an unusual looking tomato, very shapely. :-) Tell your son to keep on talkin' to that baby watermelon!

by-lamplight said...

Your garden is lovely. I am in Australia and have been trying to grow an assortment of veges this winter with varying levels of success. I have had some luck with beans but yours look so healthy! My beetroots are starting to grow well too. It is so exciting to grow your own food. good luck with your crops