Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pictures from my wet garden 8/22/07

Every time I think the rain is done, it starts up again. We sure have had a lot of rain lately - would have been nice to have some throughout the year and not all at the end...... Anyway it has only sprinkled mostly today so I got out to do some picking and to take a few pictures.

Here is Andy in front of the famous Minnesota peach tree. He is 4 ft tall so you can see how tall this tree has grown. The ugly brown spot to the left is where we had the pool. Andy was 4 when we planted this tree and he is 7 now so it is 3 years old. The first year it just looked like a twig with leaves on it. Last year it produced I think 7 peaches. This year it has about 3 dozen on it. There are two varieties of peaches that will do will in this zone - reliance and contender. Reliance is an older variety and not as sweet - it is considered more of a canning fruit. This is the contender and boy, are those fruits wonderfully sweet. I had one earlier today and the juice was running down my chin! I don't know of any nurseries here that carry either peach variety. I ordered this as a bare root from Gurney's - click here to see it on their website.

Here is a close up of Andy in front of the tree and you can see the peaches hanging on the tree.

Cucumbers from the garden today. The neighbors are starting to run away when they see me coming with cukes in my hand. I told them it is dangerous to congregate during cucumber or zucchini season.

Here is a shot of some of my tomato plants. I am getting quite a few. I think I am going to try and make catsup for the first time tomorrow.

Something is infesting the concord grapes. There aren't hardly any grapes on them anyway because I have to keep cutting them back to keep them out of the neighbor's garden. The red swanson grapes on the other side of the yard are doing much better.

The poor flowers are laying down and need to be dead headed. The cucumbers are moving into the flower's area.

I hope we see some sun tomorrow.

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