Sunday, August 05, 2007


If you can't remember the last time you turned your compost pile - it's probably been too long!

I admit it - I'm a lazy organic gardener. I don't turn my compost pile very often - it might take longer to compost down, but it gets there eventually.

So, I find myself unexpectedly unemployed and decide to get some garden work done - but there is no room in either of my compost bins for any more plants. What's a gal to do, but get out there and turn it and clean it out. I was so surprised to find that there was a reason the level didn't seem to be going down any more - it was all finished compost except for the very top layer!

When I started I had two over flowing compost bins. When I finished I had one totally empty bin and one that was less than half full! I have room for all of the fall clean up that will be coming! And a lot of compost to put on my garden. Andy tells me that I have 22 buckets of compost - I didn't go behind him and count them myself, but math is a strength of his, so I'll believe him.

Look at all that wonderful compost!


Connie said...

Well, I am trying not to be too envious of your wonderful compost. :-) Your garden will be flourishing with the wonderful boost it gives.

Colleen said...

Like you, I don't turn mine all that often. It's always a pleasant surprise to discover how much finished compost I have.

rebecca katz said...

Your sesame ginger Bok Choy recipe looks absolutely beautiful! I so glad you discovered how yummy this vegetable can be.
Thank you for sharing the recipe!
Rebecca Katz