Tuesday, August 14, 2007

After the Storm

We have finally started getting some rain in MN - unfortunately it has been accompanied by some severe storms. The garden survived pretty well. In the back yard, my son's climber is pretty beaten up - this may be time to decide that he has outgrown it and take it down..... The only other thing amiss in the back yard was a missing top to one of my composters - found it 3 yards down!

The hot peppers look a little wind blown but nothing looks snapped off so I think they will bounce back.

The only sign in the front yard is this overturned flower pot - which is not mine. I'm not sure how far it has come. I'll leave it for the time being and I'm sure the owner will find it.

My damage was nothing. Many residents of the Twin Cities are without power this morning and lots of trees are down. The storm actually bumped the bridge news from the top spot on the Minneapolis Star Tribune website this morning. The bridge collapse will continue to be top news for some time, but it is time to start reporting other things in the top spot from time to time....not to down play that tragedy, but life goes on.


Connie said...

Wow, that was quite the storm! At least you got some rain with it. Here in Idaho we have thunderstorms which produce little rain, but start new fires with lightning strikes. I can barely see across the river right now because of smoke from the fires.

Kathi said...

Yeah, we have finally gotten some rain. My brown grass may even come back to life. I don't know if we have gotten enough to make up for what we were behind yet, but it certainly has been raining a lot lately. Just south of here there has been some flooding and deaths - sad - I am just amazed that so few were killed in the 35W bridge collapse and now they are dying from flooding - doesn't seem fair.
I have a former stepdaughter (from a previous marriage) that I don't keep in contact with that works for the US Forest Service in your neck of the woods. I see her name on press releases about fires from time to time. I miss her. I like to look at your blog and imagine her seeing the same beautiful sights and knowing she must be happy living in such a beautiful place.