Saturday, August 25, 2007

Follow up on the Yellow Jacket Trap

I posted earlier in the season about the new Yellow Jacket Trap from Raid - I thought a follow up might be nice since the apples falling off trees everywhere right now are attracting them by the dozens.

Yesterday morning I was picking up apples off the ground and noticed Yellow Jackets for the first time this season - so I wondered if my trap had stopped working. I checked it and it was full!

This picture is not very good - but those dark things floating in there are dead yellow jackets!

So I hung a new trap (I kept the old one up for now) in a new area of the tree.

And now, just 24 hours later it is over half full and I am not noticing any more yellow jackets on the apples and in the yard.

This product is awesome if you hate bees and are scared of stings like I am. It only works on yellow jackets - it attracts them and they crawl inside and can't get out and drown. It is all natural and so much less scary for me to use than sprays.

More information on this product on their website:

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