Tuesday, August 07, 2007

In my garden today

The bell peppers are doing nicely - they are not very tall, but they are loaded. The picture isn't real clear, but you can see purple, yellow and green in this picture.

A purple and yellow bell pepper that ended up in tonight's spaghetti sauce - yum!

Carrots from the garden all cut up and ready to eat. I am trying to get away from plastic food containers - so I have these packed in a glass jar and sitting in the fridge. They get eaten much faster when they are cut up and ready.


Connie said...

Those are nice looking peppers! I am continually impressed with the stuff you grow there in your zone.

I love the taste of home grown carrots, but have not planted them for a couple of years now... next year I will hopefully grown them again.

Marc said...

Your peppers look great! I love growing all different colors of bell peppers.

As for carrots - I'm cursed. I can never grow good carrots so seeing your jar makes me long for garden fresh carrots.

I would ask your secret, but I think it must be all that compost from your previous post!

Kathi said...

You need good loose soil to grow carrots and any root crops. If they have to work too hard to grow down and get long they won't!