Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last summer spoiled me

I was unemployed last summer and I don't think I appreciated it as much as I could have. I don't know - maybe it is still adjusting back to work (I found a new job at the end of January), but I am really wondering how I will ever have enough time to really devote to my garden this year - and yet I have always been a working mom with a garden.

Oh man, teachers have it good, don't they? Summers off every year. Wait, my Mom was a teacher and I don't remember her having summers off - she went to summer school every year. And during the school year she worked late and brought work home with her - not to mention buying school supplies for her classroom out of her paycheck - OK, I guess teachers don't have it so good, but I still want summers off to garden and goof off with my kid.

I only worked a half day today because Andy had a dentist's appointment - afterwards we came home and he played in the yard all afternoon running through the sprinkler with Vinny next door. To be young and carefree in the summer again. At least I was able to do some weeding while they played and the sprinkler did get some water on my garden.

Somehow, the gardening and the canning and everything will get done - it always has - and what doesn't get done - oh well, can't let it worry me. And while I do like my current job, I am going to keep searching for that perfect job that pays well and allows me to have my summers off! I'll post and let you know if I find it!

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