Friday, June 16, 2006

A fort made of sunflowers

Yesterday I took Andy to the dentist and while we were waiting, we read a Children's Magazine and it in they showed how to make a fort to hide out in by growing sunflowers. The boy in the article and his dad planted sunflowers in a circle and then when they grew, he and his friends used the inside as a fort. What a cool idea! It is a bit late - but sunflowers grow really fast - so tomorrow Andy and I are going to go to the store and buy some sunflower seeds and plant his own sunflower fort! I hope it turns out as cool as the pictures in the magazine. What a great idea to get kids interested in gardening.


Woodland Fairy said...

what a cool idea!

Kathi said...

Isn't it? I think you asked me once how to get kids interested in gardening and I didn't really have an answer because Andy has just taken to it - but this might be something that would get your daughter interested. Maybe if she sees the pictures in the fall with Andy playing in a grown fort she will want to try it next year. It is a little late to plant sunflowers, but I don't think it is too late and Andy is really excited about it. I sure hope it turns out.