Saturday, April 29, 2006

Planting Onions in the Rain

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Jung Seeds. It was my onion plants, potato eyes, garlic bulbs and flower bulbs. Normally I would be really excited, but a rainy weekend was forecasted. This afternoon I was wishing out loud that the rain would stop for just a bit so I could plant at least the onions. Onion plants arrive looking kind of wilted, but with lots of water after planting, they bounce back really quick and start growing - if I could have planted before the rain started, it would have been perfect. I checked the weather forecast and it looked like it would be raining for days. My six year old son convinced me that we could go out and plant in the rain - it really wasn't raining all that hard - if we put our rain coats on and he took an umbrella and stood over me, it would be fun. So out we ventured to plant onions in the rain. Five minutes later Andy announced that he was done and going in. I should have known he wouldn't last. Oh well, it only took me about 15 minutes to plant them - I only had a bundle of 100 - and they wouldn't have gotten planted today at all if he hadn't convinced me to do so. And they are loving the rain!

I also put my cauliflower and remaining lettuce plants outside to start "hardening them off" so I can plant them soon. I also pulled my 3 earth boxes out and set them where I want them. Two of them are going to be filled with cauliflower. I haven't decided what I am putting in the 3rd one this year. I did Sweet Corn in two last year, but they didn't really do that well. I had Bell Peppers in the 3rd last year and while they did good, the ones in the garden also did good. I don't always have a plan before I start planting....maybe I should, but I always seem to find a place for everything that I want.

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