Thursday, April 13, 2006

Buttercrunch Lettuce. I planted one third of my lettuce, the Buttercrunch in the main garden. It is a little wilted from transplanting, but it should bounce right back. I planted 6 plants. I will plant the next variety out in 2 weeks and the 3rd variety 2 weeks after that unless they start getting too "leggy" inside - if that happens, I will plant them out earlier. I like to spread out the plantings so there is a longer harvest time. Posted by Picasa


Sharon's Organic Garden said...

Kathi - I am impressed that you already had lettuce to pick! I have been letting my buttercrunch grow for about a month now - I planted it in Mid-May - how did you get ready to pick lettuce in April? Are you growing organically? I have read a number of your posts and your garden and the work that you put into it is an inspiration! This is my first year trying a veggie garden and a started a blog too. If you see anything that I am doing wrong I would love your help!

Kathi said...

Sharon - you are doing great. I do grow organically.

I start harvesting lettuce pretty early by just picking the baby outer leaves and not the entire head. I also start my lettuce indoors in March - I know it can be direct seeded pretty early, but I like that headstart and eating lettuce earliers.

I'm glad you like my blog.