Monday, April 24, 2006

Too sick to garden

A great weekend passed me by. I have been having some on going health problems and have not been able to get out and garden very much. I am going to try and force myself to get out this week for short periods of time - I find gardening makes me feel so much better. I left work on Friday after just an hour with a migraine - usually I can work through migraines and then collapse later at home - when I have to leave work, they are pretty bad. Saturday it subsided into the back of my head and I did get out a little.

Andy and I managed a short bike ride on our bicycle built for two (a tag along bike connected to mine) and I did transplant some more lettuce outside. I also attacked the gas grill and got it cleaned. OMG, I can't remember the last time I cleaned it and it was bad! But then on Sunday, my migraine returned with a vengance. I did manage to suffer through a birthday party at a bowling alley that Andy was invited to, but I went straight to bed when we got back.

I have been fighting a pain in my neck and right shoulder blade for about a year now - with chiropractic care, it has been manageable, but I have not had a pain free day since it started. I have been recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have started taking medication for that - I am not supposed to take any other meds or supplements within 4 hours of taking my throid medicine which I take first thing when I get up in the morning (have to take on an empty stomach). I wake up in pain from the neck and then wait to take any pain medicine for it and by the time 4 hours has gone by, it has progressed into a migraine! Add stress of work and mothering and it just feels like a no win situation lately. I am going to call my doctor today and see how important the spacing of the meds really are - I think it is just for maximum absorbtion, but if I keep losing whole days to migraines, it just isn't worth it. This is spring and I need to get outside and garden!

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