Monday, April 03, 2006

What's growing

So, just what did I plant?
Cauliflower - Snow Crown Hybrid
Brussels Sprouts - Bubbles Hybrid
Tomato - Celebrity Hybrid & Wisconsin 55
Zucchini - Spineless Beauty Hybrd (Kimberly, you don't want to plant very many of these - Zucchini is very prolific - I will give you 4 or so plants if you want)
Pumpkin - Spirit Hybrid
Hot Peppers - Garden Salsa Hybrid
Bell Peppers (you can't plant too many of these in my opinion) - Rainbow Bell Hybrid Mix which includes Bianca, Hershey, Inia, Queen & Tequila (the more colors the better - Andy loves the bright colored peppers)
Sweet Basil - Italian Large Leaf
Lettuce (this could be planted directly outside now, but I always like to start the plants first and then plant out in a month - spaces them better and I think you get stronger plants) - Buttercrunch, Jung's Caesar Salad Blend (mix of green and red leaved Romaine lettuces) and Leaf Lettuce, Lettuce Blend (Red Sails, Black Seeded Simpson and Salad Bowl). We are salad eaters, can you tell?
Flowers - (these were an after thought, I am really into veggies more than flowers): Linum or Annual Flax, Blue Dress

Later, I will be planting outside:
Pole Beans - both green and yellow wax
Carrots (lots of types - I am trying some of the yellow ones this year as well as the traditional orange)
Garlic (really should be planted in the fall, but I didn't - spring planting is still OK, you just won't get as large of cloves)
Onions (Alisa Craig)
Potatoes: Red Norland and Kennebec

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