Friday, May 05, 2006

I need some solitary gardening time

It is supposed to be a nice weekend. I sure hope it is. It is not just that I have lots to do in the garden after last weekend's rain - my soul needs to process information and it does that best when I am alone in the garden. We had an IEP meeting yesterday with Andy's teachers at school. All special ed kids need to be re-tested every three years to make sure that they still qualify for services. Andy just finished the re-testing and the meeting was to go over the test results. I need time to process what they mean. Everyone tells me that Andy is bright and doing so well. If I had a dime for every time someone told me that Andy couldn't have autism, I would be rich. The testing clearly showed that he does have autism. What else the testing showed I still need to process. I will post more about that after I have processed it. Let's just say that he is not at risk of losing any services anytime soon. People ask me with my busy schedule how I find time to garden - my answer is that I make the time because I need it - otherwise I could not deal with my life - it is my way of coping.

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