Monday, May 22, 2006

Another Good Weekend

The rain finally stopped and it was cool enough to work in the garden without getting too overheated. On Friday night Andy helped me dig up the hostas from the south side of the house and divide them. They hadn't been divided in years and they really needed it. They look so much neater now. Andy enjoyed showing off his muscles carrying the extras to the curb. He wanted to make a sign that said FREE and put it on them, but I kept assuring him that wasn't necessary - that someone will take them - it's a universal code of gardeners - put your perennials on the curb and they will get taken. He was very concerned the plants could die and when he woke up on Saturday the first thing he did was look outside and was amazed to find them gone!

On Saturday I dug up the strip of garden along the North Side of the house, put down red plastic mulch, put up tomato cages and planted the tomatoes. I have never tried the red plastic under the tomatoes before but I have been reading about it for years - it is supposed to boost production. I forgot as I planted the tomatoes that I had started two different kinds and mixed them up as I planted them - I now have no idea which ones are the celebrity and which are the Wisconsin. Should be interesting to see if I can tell later.

On Sunday I layed some bark mulch down on the edges of the red plastic to hold it down a little better - but I did not cover it, the red needs to show through to benefit the tomatoes. I also planted most of the rest of the plants in the basement - I only have peppers left down there now and they like it hot, so next weekend will not be too late. I planted some more basil, some flowers and Brussels Sprouts. I also planted cucumbers.

Many things are sprouting and coming up in the garden. The radishes are up as well as the parsnips and beets. The potatoes are trying to poke through the mulch and I spotted a few things that I didn't plant. A rouge red sails lettuce plant is in the middle of the garden, no where near the other lettuce and I have several dill plants coming up (as I did last year as well - I haven't planted dill intentionally in two years!).

And the best is that I picked the first lettuce from the garden and we had it for dinner on Sunday. I don't pick full heads of lettuce - I pick the outer leaves and let it keep growing. I think I get more lettuce that way - and it tastes so young and fresh.

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