Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Good Gardening Day

It was a beautiful day, clear and warm and I am sore as the result of gardening.

The raspberries and strawberries were not respecting each other's territory. As I dug all of the weeds out of both patches, I also dug up errant plants and planted them back in there own areas.

Last night after work I planted potatoes, garlic and some perennials. I also put zuchinni, pumpkin and basil plants out to "harden off". I planted them today. I hauled the hose out of the basement and watered the strawberries and raspberries that I transplanted. It doesn't sound like I got a lot done, but the raspberries and strawberries were pretty bad.

I did not get much solitary time in the garden, but it worked out OK. Andy has been into collecting rocks lately, so he quietly collected rocks from the garden while I dug. He was so immersed in his rocks that I was able to get lost in my own thoughts. He is a good kid and I do love him dearly. His recent testing showed him to be more delayed than I had thought. I have come to terms with it - he is who is. It is OK. And the testing could be inaccurate - even the testers said that in their report. It was hard to tell if he didn't know something or simply didn't want to answer. I still think he is a very bright kid. After dinner, we went for a bike ride on our bicycle built for two (a tag along bike that attaches to mine) and had a great time. Tomorrow should be another good gardening day.

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