Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring is finally here!

Today it really felt like spring and it was good to get out in the garden. I am going to be sore tomorrow though - I am very out of shape after the long winter. I planted red onion plants today that came in yesterday's mail. I also planted potatoes - Red Norland and Gold Rush.

I feel like I am getting such a late start - but what can you do when it decides to snow in April? I have a busy week working this week, but I hope I can get out in the garden some every day. I will take some pics and post them soon.


Tam said...

Congratulations on getting back out there. Isn't it nice to be snowless again?

I need to plant potatoes...and peas, but I figured I'd wait until I had the compost mixed in and the lettuce was ready to plant.

Maybe later this week.

Connie said...

Spring has taken its sweet time to arrive here, too. It's great when you can get out in the garden again, isn't it? :-)