Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It still looks like winter in Minnesota!

The highs continue to be 10 degrees below normal. I am so ready for spring. Ugh - more flurries are predicted for today.

Watching my seedlings in the basement grow helps me realize it really is spring and know that this snow won't last forever - even if it feels like it will!

The Red Acres Cabbage has sprouted.

The brocolli and brussells sprouts seedlings are growing taller and stronger.

And the tomatoes are even sprouting up!

The seedlings know and feel that it is spring. I can't wait for that first taste of spring lettuce and rhubarb crisp. Yum Yum!


Tam said...

Those sprouts are looking good!

I see from your archives that you planted Olpaka tomatoes last year. Did you like them? I got 3 new varieties this year and they are one of them (along with powers hierloom and german pinks).

Kathi said...

Hi Tam,
I did like them, I planted them again this year. I lost over half of my tomatoes in a hail storm last June but the Olpakas all survived - I don't know if they are more hardy or just were in a better location.....

Tam said...

I want to do a lot of canning this year and I hope the Olpaka was a good choice for that. Nice to meet someone who knows them.

I'm enjoying hearing about your garden adventures with your son. I have 4 boys myself and one of them is Andy's age. He's in charge of compost. ;)

Connie said...

Hi Kathi - Your seedling babies are looking good! I think spring is late in many areas this year....we are at least 2-3 weeks behind our normal temps.

Tam said...

I have a new garden blog I started last week. If you'd care to come by sometime it's www.lostsurprise.blogspot.com

Snowing here in Wisconsin.