Saturday, March 15, 2008

The start of the 2008 gardening season!

The garden outside might not be ready for planting yet, but it's time to start the seeds indoors.

Here is what my planting area looked like this morning.

First I laid out my peat pots and my jiffy pots and the seed packets to decide what to plant.

Next, I filled the peat pots with compost that I had dug out of my compost bin this summer and was saving for this. I like the idea of using compost to start seeds instead of a sterile planting mix - but it should be interesting to see what I end up with - strange things may sprout from the compost - I may regret doing it this way this year - or it may be the most brillant idea I've had in awhile......

Then I put masking tape along the edges and marked on it what was in each row.

Then I planted the seeds and poured water over them.

Oh no - floaters! That is what happens with the jiffy pellets sometimes before they expand - they float all over and if they don't stay in neat rows, it might be difficult to tell the difference between the cauliflower, brocolli and brussels sprout seedlings - they tend to look very similar since they are all part of the cabbage family.

I solved the problem by putting some masking tape between the rows. I'll remove the tape once the pellets expand - and then they'll stay in place anyway.

Next, I pulled the lights into a timer. I set the timer for the lights to come on at 6am every morning and off at 8pm.

Then I covered the pots with plastic and lowered the lights down close.

And here is what my planting area looks like this afternoon.


Tam said...

I always soak my peat pellets first and let them expand. Then I plant the seeds. That way I don't have any floaters.

I'm enjoying your blog. Only my 3 year old likes planting and he enjoyed planting broccoli with me last week.

Tamara in Wisconsin

Connie said...

I sowed peppers, tomatoes, and petunias indoors last week. So nice to be growing again, isn't it?

Tam said...

It really is. I get so excited seeing sprouts this week.

Broccoli, spinach, and basil are sprouting well.

A few olpaka tomatoes and one yellow heirloom. No peppers. Still a mite cold down there I guess. :)

That's all I've got going right now. I'm trying to hold myself back.

Kathi said...

We got more snow yesterday and while it warmed up today and most of it melted they are talking about plowable amounts of snow tomorrow. I would go crazy waiting for spring to really be here if I didn't have the plants started!

Janice said...

Really like the egg garden idea! I am definitely going to have a use for it. Lotss of good practical tips, thanks!