Friday, March 14, 2008

Mom, do you know what these are made of?

This is just too good not to share. Andy was just looking at my gardening stuff - excited that we are going to start plants indoors this weekend and he just came running to me with a peat pot in his hand and asked me if I knew what it was made of.

Now, I know it is made of peat but I wondered what he thought so I asked. He was very proud to tell me that it is made out of cow poop! I asked him how he came to that conclusion and he informed me that he learned it watching Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe! He always has to say the name of the show like that - it is not just Dirty Jobs, but Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. For those of you not familar with that show, it is on the Discovery Channel.

So, now I wondered if it really was made of peat or not so I did some investigating. The ones I bought are indeed peat pots, but Andy is correct - Mike Rowe did do an episode on some that are made from cow manure. They are called Cowpots. I think I will probably buy the cowpots instead of peat pots next year. I had never heard of them before. There is no convincing Andy however, that the ones we have right now are made of peat.

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Rebecca said...

We love Dirty Jobs too.....and "Miffbustas" is a big favorite around here.