Monday, April 28, 2008

April continues to act more like March!

And I don't want to believe that I saw snow on the ground Saturday morning. I did not take a picture of it - I prefer to be in denial.

I am going to go ahead and garden and pretend that it is a normal spring. I need to do that. I need my sanity.

Here are my Packman Brocolli seedlings. I have them sitting on my patio table (that has been freed from the grape vines) "hardening off" so I can plant them in the garden later this week. They don't mind the cold and will do great.

I planted some lettuce in the garden this weekend (seedlings I had started in the basement) - the plants don't look so hot now but they will bounce back and do fine. They don't mind the cold either. It won't be long now - I'll be eating lettuce and forgetting it was ever cold real soon.

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Tam said...

I'm in denial as well. I planted out lettuce, spinach, mustard, and 2 (just 2) broccoli this weekend. Luckily I had them covered before the snow came Monday. My goodness, the spinach really needed to go out. Its dropping pollen all over.

I just took a walk around and they all look fine. I removed the cover where they have full sun. There's still snow in all the shady corners of the yard.

So of course I'm thinking about planting the potatoes I got last week.