Monday, August 07, 2006

Feeling positive!

It was a good weekend and it will be a good week - I am psyched. In spite of my allergies being super bad, I got outside and got some weeding done. I also transplanted some lillies and my wonderful husband Dan planted me a tree. I should share that Dan has never planted anything in his entire life - so starting with a tree was huge! And he did a great job. The tree is Mount Royal Plum - it is a self fruitful variety so you do not need to plant two to get fruit. We love fruit in our household so you cannot have too many varieties of fruit trees. And the week is bound to be good - I am only working 3 days - so no matter how bad things go at work, at least it will be over quickly. I am taking 1 day off to garden and make jelly and 1 day for our family's annual "adoption day" celebration. Even though we brought Andy home from the hospital, we like to celebrate the day his adoption became final. It is a day for just us - we do not share it with his birthfamily or any other relatives - it is a day just for our family. We try and do something fun that we would not normally do - and we talk about adoption and what it means to each of us.

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snappy said...

Have a very special day.Its great post from you.very sweet.