Monday, July 10, 2006

Fresh Green Beans

There is nothing that tastes better than the first taste of fresh green beans in the summer. I had that first taste yesterday. Lightly steamed, they just melt in your mouth and are oh so good. I love green beans and so does my family. I manage to grow enough to eat fresh green beans from July through early September and freeze some to eat the rest of the fall and into the winter. I never freeze enough to last until we have fresh again, but thats OK because while my frozen are better than store bought frozen, they aren't as good as fresh. We did buy some store bought frozen beans this winter - Andy wanted them so bad - ugh, I couldn't stand the taste - they were like cardboard. I will go without when we run out and wait for that first taste of fresh green beans again next summer. When I taste something as wonderful as my own fresh green beans I know why I like to garden so much.

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