Friday, August 16, 2013

Dried Raspberries

I've never dried raspberries before - always had plenty of other ways to use them up.  This year, however, I'm thinking about making some homemade granola and granola bars and I thought they might be really tasty with dried berries. 

Raspberries are super easy to dry - just place them in the dehydrator and turn it on.  Easy Peasy. 

I think I'll dry some strawberries and blueberries also - although I don't grow either of them so I'll have to buy some. 

If I ever make the granola, I'll post the recipe.  I'm also thinking about making some instant oatmeal to take with when we go camping.  I usually just cook oatmeal at home but I'm thinking some instant might be a good fit for camping. 


Michael Moore said...

Don't they just turn into little hard crunchy balls of seeds? I've eaten raspberries that have dried on the bush before and that's all they were.

I'd be happy to be wrong though, since we've got lots of berries too.

Kathi said...

Dry a few Michael and see what you think.

They are seedy - as raspberries will be but they are also sweet. I think added to granola or oatmeal they will be good.

I only did one tray full to see and I liked them.

RandomGardener said...

Must be nice to grow enough berries for dried and other purposes! I'm trying a new bed this year, will see how the plants do next summer. Waiting for the granola recipe :)