Wednesday, June 26, 2013


My fennel is doing well and just about big enough to harvest. 

This is the first time I have grown fennel.  As  a matter of fact until a couple of years ago I didn't even know I liked fennel. 

My first experience with fennel was when my neighbors were growing it and gave me some.  I had no idea what to do with it.  It smelled like licorice and I really detest licorice and I couldn't get past the smell so into the compost pile it went.  Then after I joined my current CSA I started getting fennel in my box - not knowing what to do with it - it either ended up in the compost or the swap box. 

As money has gotten tighter I became determined to not waste any CSA veggie and I started experimenting with fennel and fell in love.  It got to the point that every week last year that there wasn't fennel in my box I was disappointed - so this year I decided to grow some - between the CSA and my garden I hope my desire for fennel is satiated. 

I make a mean chicken garbanzo soup with fennel.  I also like it just sauteed up with other fresh veggies (or by itself) with a little onion and garlic.  Yum. 

Fennel is a really healthy vegetable.  It is high in vitamin C and fiber as well as some wonderful antioxidants. 

Fennel is easy to grow. 

Are there any other fennel lovers out there?  Do you have any good recipes to share? 

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Andrea said...

I too have discovered I love fennel! My mother in law uses the greens to make tea. I made a really good recipe for fennel-farro patties. I turned the book back to the library already, but plan to check it out again soon just for that recipe. It's called Clean Plates by Jared Koch.