Monday, May 09, 2011

Time to Plant Potatoes

These potatoes are sprouting and saying they are ready to be planted. I am planting them whole this year like my dad used to do. I usually cut them into pieces - but you have to make sure you cure them before planting when you do that or they will rot instead of grow. I always lose a few to rotting because I am just impatient and plant too soon. So this year I am experimenting. I'm not sure why we cut them up - I guess I will see if I get less yield this year.

The trees have finally started leafing out and I am starting to feel like we will actually have a spring and that summer will be here. I actually heard a rumor that it will be 80 tomorrow - after all of the cold, that will seem really warm. But I'll believe it when I feel it on my bare arms.

Happy Gardening!


Michael Moore said...

We always cut ours up because then you can potentially get 1 plant per eye.

They might be more likely to rot, but I'd never really thought about that.

RandomGardener said...

I too planted them whole this year! Last year, I did cut up and cure them. Like you said, will see if that makes a difference in yield.

canning tomatoes said...

I also cut them in pieces to avoid rotting. I am looking forward to the result of your experiment.