Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally a beautiful day!

The rumor I heard was true! It is 81 degrees as I type this! After a very cold and rainy and almost nonexistent spring - warmer weather has arrived! It is going to cool down and be closer to normal temps by the weekend, but compared to how cold it has been, I will take normal!

If you look really closely here, you can see a pea starting to peek through the soil. In spite of a late planting, I think it will be a good year for peas.

The seedlings in the basement are also behind schedule - also planted late - but they are very healthy looking and I have confidence that they will do well and catch up once they are outdoors.

The apple tree is about to burst into bloom. I can't wait. I love how the apple tree looks when it is covered in flowers - and the kids love picking little green apples, which can't happen without flowers first.

I hope all of my fellow gardeners are enjoying this glorious day!


canning tomatoes said...

great to see your peas sprouting. Planting veggies are indeed very rewarding.

Tam said...

Even if they're late, you're still ahead of me! I have yet to plant my peas (school projects). Hopefully I'll catch up this week. Thank you for giving me a little push to get going.

Lots of flowers here (finally), but the asparagus is not even up yet.