Monday, May 23, 2011

Slowly but surely

In spite of a stormy weekend, I did squeeze some gardening in - the ground was really wet but you gotta squeeze gardening time in when you can.

The peas are growing nicely. I can't wait for fresh peas!

The potatoes are coming up already.

I planted cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli this weekend.

Golden Rave Tomatoes are hanging out on the patio getting used to the weather and waiting their turn to be planted.

I still have Roma Tomatoes, Watermelon, Bell and Hot Peppers in the basement under the lights.

It is starting to actually feel like spring.


RandomGardener said...

Looks like you plant your potatoes in the ground. How far down do you dig or do you hill them? When do you expect to harvest your brocolli and cauliflower? Brocolli self seeded in my garden, but it doesn't form a head, just a couple buds at the ends, not sure why.

Aaliyah Aldaco said...

The stormwater probably helped you a lot in your gardening! Some of the plants and veggies in your garden need water. However, it's still best if a garden has a properly installed irrigation system. It saves you water and time by keeping your plants healthy under minimal supervision. It is also a financial investment in your home. :)