Friday, August 21, 2009

Plum Harvest

I picked the last of the plums yesterday. This is the first real year we have had plums.
These are from the tree that Dan planted for my birthday 3 years ago (in hot August!). We had a couple plums on it last year. This year we had a decent harvest - although the tree still wasn't loaded.
The plums are very juicy and tasty - and considering that I did not spray it at all - even with organic sprays - very few of them had worms in them. Overall they are great looking plums.


Anonymous said...

My first thought was they were blueberries :)

What kind of plums are they? We've had alderman and superior plums but they are a little bigger and orange/red in color. Between two plants we got about 20 plums this year and the trees are about 2-3 yrs old. Yours look like purple color. I have never seen these before. Where did you buy this plant from?

You mentioned organic spray, do you have any idea what kind of spray you'd use for an apple tree? We might have to spray our honeycrisp tree next year(depending on how the apples are this year. The tree is about 4 yrs old)


Kathi said...

These are Mount Royal Plums. They are very highly recommended when you research for MN and WI.

They are self pollinating. Plums are either european or japanese - european are self pollinating, japanese need another pollinator - but it must be another japanese tree - they do not cross pollinate.

They are kind of small, but very juicy and tasty.

Dan purchased this tree for me at Gertens in Inver Grove Heights.

I don't spray my apple tree so I would just google to find you information on that.

Kathi said...

thanks for the heads up. I've joined Fallen Fruit (based on Facebook) and have tried to find local plum trees. I'm really interested in harvesting fallen fruit from local trees, ones that no one is harvesting for fruit. Any ideas on this would be appreciated. In meantime, I'll add this tree to my wish list for the Friends Plant Sale in May 2010 at the State Fair!