Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colorful "green" beans!

Yup - those are both purple and green beans!

It struck me today just how appropriate it is for our household to be growing those two colors of beans. You see I live in Vikings territory and I married a Viking fan but I am a cheesehead from Wisconsin.

I was in the garden picking beans while listening to the neighbors on their patio discussing the upcoming Viking Packer game and the fact that Brett Farve will be playing for the Vikes when it struck me that even my beans show the rivalry that goes on in our livingroom!

Anyway, even the beans know that the Packers are the better team since the purple beans turn green when they are cooked!


Chris said...

What a cheesehead! You couldn't resist getting in the last word about the purple beans turning green when cooked :)

I'm a Minnesotan "stranded" in Packer country. I never thought before about the Viking/Packer rivalry occurring in my bean patch!

Kathi said...

How funny Chris that you are a Minnesotan in Packer Country and I'm a Wisconsinite stranded in Viking land.

I don't know why it struck me today but I guess it is football season and with all of the news here about Farve...........

Shellie said...

HI Kathy, we planted the purple beans last year; I am in NE WI area and I found them to be "woody-ier" tasting than their Green friends. Let me know if you can tell the difference? My kids did as well.
GO Pack!!!!

Kathi said...

Hi Shellie,

I haven't noticed them being any woodier, but I like mine tender so I tend to pick them much smaller than other people do. The green beans I see in the store and at the Farmers' Market are much plumper than what I pick - so it just might be that I pick them so young it doesn't make a difference.

I do know that they seem to grow much longer and plumper much more quickly than the green ones.

I steamed them for dinner last night and ate them all green!

Go Pack!