Friday, September 21, 2007

A garden experiment for Andy

Andy didn't have any homework yesterday and he needs to be kept in a routine so when he doesn't have any homework I make some up. So yesterday I decided he could help me plant the garlic - after all learning about gardening and how things grow falls in the area of science in my book.

While we were looking for garlic to plant we came across 3 old shriveled up bulbs from last year that didn't get planted. Andy wanted to know if they would grow. Rather than google the answer, I thought why not plant them and let him find out for himself. If they don't grow, they won't take up any space and I'll plant something else there in the spring - if they do grow, we'll have garlic.

We discussed it and decided that we should also plant some fresh garlic so if there is another factor like weather or when we planted it affecting it, we'll know that. Besides I want to make sure we do end up with some garlic!

Here is the old garlic we planted. I think maybe one or two of them look viable and will grow. Andy thinks it all will. We are going to call this Garlic A.

Here is the fresh garlic we are planting. We are calling it garlic B.

Here is Andy planting Garlic A.

Here he is planting Garlic B.

And here are our row markers showing what we have planted.

We got a really good rain last night - so now we wait and see what sprouts. Watch for updates and let's see what Andy learns.


Connie said...

Your Andy is so cute and has the most beautiful shiny black hair! Good luck with your experimental garlic.

Kathi said...

Thanks Connie. He is a cutie. I can't take credit for his good looks as he is adopted. He is half hispanic and that is where his beautiful black hair and big brown eyes come from.

J said...

Wow! I love your other blog and recipes but this blog is really amazing. You are so talented; I wish I had a house with a big yard to garden and actually knew how to as well. I bet everything that comes from there is 100x more delicious than anything found in a store!