Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Garden Today 6/13/07

I've had a cold for over 2 weeks now and I'm getting quite sick of it. I guess I should probably go to the doctor soon and make sure it isn't my allergies. It has also finally gotten hot.

The tomatoes have just really sprouted up with this heat. I did lose several in the hail and replaced them with grape tomatoes from the nursery - but this is one that I started from seed and survived the hail. A week ago it was looking sickly and today it is the picture of health!
The pole beans are still looking beat up from the hail, but there is new growth and they are starting to put up runners. Before you know it, we'll be eating beans. Yum - there is nothing like that first taste of fresh green beans in the summer!
The lettuce has also bounced back nicely from the hail. I never pick the whole head except if it looks like it's going to bolt (go to seed) - I just pick the outer leaves and keep it growing. It looks ready for another picking.
The watermelon plant that my son started is growing and starting to flower. I sure hope he gets at least one watermelon. Nothing like success to keep a kid interested.
Andy's sunflowers are also up and looking good. They were pretty tender when the hail came, but seem to have bounced back.


Connie said...

Everything is looking good! So glad your garden is rebounding from the hail.

Sharon's Organic Garden said...

I hope my watermelons develop as nicely as yours - they are looking pretty weak right about now!