Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In My Garden Tuesday 6/26/07

Baby Tomatoes

I'm not sure what this is - a weed or something coming up from last year????

Baby grapes

Baby Watermelons

Peaches continuing to grow - I can't wait to taste them!

I just love this time of year - there is always something new in the garden each and every day.


Leslie said...

The mystery plant looks like zucchini or other squash type plant...is that what you had there last year?

Kathi said...

That's my thought too. I did have zucchini and cucumbers both in that area. I did not plant zucchini this year - but maybe I'll have some!

Connie said...

Peaches in Minnesota? I am impressed! What zone are you in?
Could the mystery plant be sunflower? That was my first thought.

Kathi said...

Yes - peaches. We are in zone 4. These are contender peaches - they are a new variety and the only ones that can grow here. Last year was the first year it had peaches - and I only got 3. This year there are about 20 on the tree.

The sunflowers weren't anywhere near that area last year - but you never know with how birds carry things. I am going to leave the plants and we will see what they are - it's fun to get some surprises.