Friday, May 04, 2007

Me? A Barometer?

I guess I need to get over my insecurities as a gardener. I always think that everyone else has a nicer looking garden and knows more about it than I do. I don't read a ton of books on gardening, I just follow my soul and do what feels right - and a lot of times my plants don't grow or thrive as much as they could. But most of my plants do just fine.

So, yesterday evening I'm out in the garden planting (I planted Beets and 3 varieties of carrots - Nelson Hybrid, Yellowstone and Red Atomic) and the neighbor across the alley yells over - "Are you planting tonight Kathi?" This neighbor has a beautiful garden and yard with beautiful pathways and stepping stones and metal arches - I think they have the most perfect garden so I was taken a little aback and thought maybe he was criticizing me for planting so early. So I responded, "just a few things that like the cold".

He walks over and seems genuinely interested in what I'm doing and comes over to see what I have already planted. I ask him what he has planted so far and he tells me, "nothing - we always wait until you plant and follow your lead - you are the barometer for the whole neighborhood you know. When Kathi plants, we all follow suit." I was speechless - "really, me? a barometer? You've got to me kidding?" But he was dead serious. It seems that while he has this perfect looking garden, he is just as insecure as I am - and he admires that I don't follow a lot of rules and plant my stuff too close together and in odd places - not many people can plop a few veggies in a bed of flowers and get away with it. Well, I didn't know I was getting away with things - just put things where they fit.

Me, a barometer - who knew? I hope I can carry my swelled head around all day!

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Debbie said...

What a compliment! :)

I was noticing what a variety of things you have. I'm enjoying your blog immensely. I can't wait to see what's brewing & doing in your kitchen next!!