Saturday, March 17, 2007

Finally time to start seedlings.

Andy and I have been waiting all winter to start our plants. He is really maturing and showing even more interest in gardening this year.

I have the jiffy pellets all laid out and I put masking tape down to label the rows. The pots in the back are Andy's - he wanted his in pots so he can keep track of what is his!

Then I put one seed in the indent. I use the jiffy pellets #9 which have no outer casing - nothing is left behind in the garden. If I am using old seed from last year, then I plop two seeds in each one.

Then I flood the pan with water so the pellets will expand.

Once the pellets are all expanded, I cover with plastic to keep the moisture in and speed germination. When they sprout I will remove the plastic.

Today I started:
10 Rainbow Hybrid Bell Peppers
4 Garden Salsa Hot Peppers
6 Snow Crown Cauliflower
8 Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts - this is a new variety for me
2 Savory Express Green Cabbage
4 Red Acre Red Cabbage
3 Wisconsin Tomato
6 Opalka Tomato - a new variety for me
3 Wayahead Tomato - a new variety for me
12 Lettuce - a mixture including Salad Bowl, Red Sails, Romaine - both green & red, and Black Seeded Simpson
4 Basil - Italian large leaf
2 Parsley - moss curled
1 Chives
4 Extra Early Sugar Baby Watermelon - new for me.

Andy's big pot has Watermelon and his small pot has pickling cucumbers.

One of the reasons I like to start my own seeds is I can grow as many or as few as I like. I used to hate getting them from the nursery and having to buy 6 of something I only wanted 2 of.

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