Sunday, October 08, 2006

What a crazy year for gardening!

This certainly has been a strange year for gardening. I do think that every year is strange in some way - but this one seems especially weird.

We had 4th of July weather for Memorial Day weekend and it was too hot way too soon.

Then it cooled way down with below average temps and everything got off to a slow start.

The garden finally started growing after having to replant several things many times and then it got hot again and we suffered a drought.

Once it cooled down, plants that I had given up for dead started producing again - and I picked pole beans yesterday - in October! I am reluctant to tear the bean plants down while they are still producing.

And the fall weather has been all over the board. It got cold so quick that I actually sent my son to school in a winter coat a few days - and then it got hot again - last weekend in the 80s and yesterday I didn't check the temp, but I think it must have been close to 80 as well.

My bell pepper plants are covered with new flowers and small peppers - when did this revival happen? I thought I was going to pull the plants up yesterday but just couldn't bring myself to do it.

I picked a zuchinni yesterday as well - but I think I will still pull up the zuchinni plants today.

And the pansies that I thought were way long dead are blooming!

Every day I seem to walk out in my garden and find something incredible. Winter is going to catch my garden with plants still growing and I will have more spring clean up - but I just hate to pull up a producing plant.

What a weird and wonderful year!

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