Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brussells Sprouts

The Sprouts are looking good. They are laying down and crushing the basil (which you can see in the background), but they always seem to lay down. I tried staking them one year and they just pulled the stakes down. I just try and plant them near something that will either support them or be done before they start falling over. We ate some last night for dinner and they were very tasty! Posted by Picasa


Christa said...

Your Brussels are much farther along than mine. When did you put yours in? Did you start them from seed?

Kathi said...

I actually had trouble with my sprouts this year. They did not want to germinate. I always start them from seed in March. I replanted the spouts 3 times in the basement under lights before I finally got some. I only ended up with 2 plants this year - I usually plant 6 to 8. I planted them out late - maybe as late as June - they were just so small I was afraid if I planted them out earlier they wouldn't make it. I think I planted 4 outside and did lose 2.