Friday, August 26, 2011

Today's harvest

Tomatoes and Purple (green) Beans

I also canned some beans today - notice how they are green and no longer purple - that happens when you cook them, but the purple color makes them easier to find when you are picking. I also have some green ones but they are just flowering now. I will freeze many of my beans but my son really likes canned ones that are cut french style so I always can a few for him.


Sissy said...

those beans are lovely! it's almost too bad they don't stay purple!
I hate to see the rabbits do you like that. That is one thing I don't have to deal with!
(I am your newest follower!)

Kathi said...

Thanks for stopping by Sissy. I am now your newest follower also.

God Bless you for volunteering in Joplin and posting about your experience. I was very moved by it.

Sissy said...

thanks, Kathi! I am humbled by the experience...