Sunday, August 14, 2011

First picking of beans!

Look at those pretty purple beans! Can't wait for dinner tonight to taste them.

Purple beans will turn green when cooked - as I have mentioned before I am a Packers fan living in Vikings territory - and these beans always remind me that the beans know it is better to be green than purple!


lilpumpkin said...

LOl love your beans i have beans but figured out this season that i HATE picking them.... the purple bean to green comment made be LOL those damn beans i don't care what damn color they are BUT PURPLE would be a lot easier to see \but i am a Vikings fan so i guess i don't count lol ;')

Kathi said...

The purple beans are easier to see - that is why I plant them. They are really pretty too. Vikings fans are welcome here - just have to be able to take a little ribbing from time to time from a Packers fan!

Thanks for stopping by!