Saturday, April 11, 2009

A new peach tree!

We planted our new peach tree today. It looks so small. Hopefully with lots of good care it will grow big and strong. I'm looking forward to some tasty peaches again in a few years. I love peaches and the peaches from our old tree was the best.

Dan doesn't usually help in the garden much, but he was a willing helper today. Having planted the plum tree for me 3 years ago really boosted his tree planting confidence.

This peach, like the last is a contender. I ordered it from Gurney's.

Here is a picture of the two of us with the tree right after we planted it. (taken by Andy - he is really getting good at taking pictures)

And here is the tree all by itself. I sstill need to add some mulch around the base.


CarlyB said...

We need a peach tree update! We're waiting with baited breath!

Kathi said...

I just posted a picture of it earlier this week. Check out my most recent post.