Monday, June 02, 2008

My garden is thriving!

In spite of the weather and in spite of the fact that I have been depressed and pushing myself to garden - the garden is still doing well.

I just finished planting it this weekend, but lots of stuff is up and doing well.

Just an overall shot of the garden.

And another shot from the opposite corner.

The cabbage plants are really looking nice. They are probably the nicest looking plants in the garden.

The tomatoes are doing well also - they have some transplant shock but are bouncing back and will be growing tall soon.

Two weeks ago I was ready to write the peach tree off as dead - but look it is starting to come to life. Maybe there is hope for it yet.


Samantha said...

The garden looks awesome! Glad the peach tree is doing something. :)

Connie said...

Your garden is doing well....hope you get to feeling better soon so you can enjoy it more! I am "that age" too, and though I not prone to depression, it seems to hit me more often now.

I really like how you made your raised bed...where did you get the timbers?

Kathi said...

The raised bed was built by the previous owners. I have actually considered tearing it out and redoing it because I don't know the source of the wood and I'm afraid it might be treated with arsenic - but there are other things that need doing first. Isn't there always?

Tam said...

Everything looks nice. Your tomatoes are so tall! Mine look puny in comparison.