Sunday, June 29, 2008

I picked my first raspberry of the season today

I stood in my raspberry patch and ate it. It was so succulent and juicy. Yum. I savored it since it was the only one ripe. What a wonderful taste of the bounty to come. The raspberries are loaded - it will be a good crop this year.

I think it is also a sign that I am feeling better - I didn't go and get Andy to show it to him or even pick it and take it to him - always Andy first and Mom last. I plucked it and savored it all by myself.

I have no regrets.


Tam said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your first berry.

I think more happiness comes from those moments of true contentment than from all the beautiful surprises in our lives.

Connie said...

Good for deserved that raspberry. :-) I picked and ate my first cherry tomato today, yum!!

Rebecca said...

We don't have anything ripe yet (well, we ate some broccolli..but that doesn't exactly get ripe. The hubby found a raspberry patch by one of the radio towers he was working on and brought us home a whole bunch of them. I'm trying to convince him to take us all up there to pick a whole lot so I can freeze them and make jam!