Sunday, April 17, 2011

The seedlings are growing

The weather might not be cooperating outside but the garden indoors is growing nicely.

We did have some nice warm days last week, but then it decided to get cold again - it even snowed yesterday morning. The nice thing about snow this time of the year is that it never lasts. It is gone already.

Here is a picture of some of the seedlings - they are still small but they are healthy. Some of them are ready for transplanting to bigger pots already. Egg cartons are great for starting them but they are very tiny and the seedlings outgrow them quickly.

When I lift the egg cartons up, you can see they have a ton of roots growing out of the bottom - that is a sign that it is time to find them something bigger to grow in.

Here are my brussels sprouts replanted. I like to reuse containers rather than buy new ones. Yogurt containers are just the right size.


Kathleen said...


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Ed Hill said...

Hi Kathi,
I saw this article and your last fall article, Harvesting Brussels Sprouts in the Snow. The last picture of steamed brussel sprouts looks tasty. Sometimes I bake the sprouts with garlic and onions. It’s really good and they have a softer flavor. I haven't had a garden since my son was in Boy Scouts, but I miss it now that he's grown. We used to grow tomatoes and beans.

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Thank you,
Ed Hill
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