Friday, August 13, 2010

My monkey picking plums!

I haven't shared any photos of Andy helping in the garden in some time so when I caught him climbing the plum tree and picking plums for me, I just had to grab the camera.

He blends in pretty good.

Here he is all serious about picking (he did pick a whole pail full for me).

But here, he is getting a little silly - notice the half eaten plum in his mouth!
The plum tree is having a very good year! That kind of takes the sting away from the peach tree that died - again. I don't think I will replace it again.


RandomGardener said...

Plum trees looking good! I'm impressed with the yield for such a small tree:-) I didn't get any plums this year due to the late frost!

I thought you got another peach tree to replace your old tree that died!

Connie said...

My how tall your Andy is growing! It looks like you are getting some great healthy food from your garden.

Kathi said...

The replacement peach tree has died. I don't think I blogged about it because I just didn't want to face reality. It bloomed and was looking great and then a late frost totally killed it.

Andy is going into middle school this fall? How crazy is that? He was in Kindergarten when I started this blog!

RandomGardener said...

Sorry to hear about your peach tree dying! I was planning to get one too, but guess that plan will be on hold. Since we're both in zone 4, guess peaches don't do well in our zone.